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Kentucky 74 SPICED - 700ml

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Distilled Non-Alcoholic Cinnamon Whiskey
Spiritless Kentucky 74 SPICED is a distilled non-alcoholic cinnamon whiskey featuring a slight twist on Spiritless's traditional Kentucky 74 recipe. SPICED brings all the classic Kentucky 74 flavor, plus an extra cinnamon bite.

Flavor Profile

Kentucky 74 SPICED is a knockout punch in a glass. Spiritless brings all of the oak, smoke, and caramel from their traditional Kentucky 74 recipe plus vanilla, and baking spices for a woodsy cinnamon bite.

Perfect Pairings
This NA cinnamon whiskey can be used as a bold stand-in for your go-to classic whiskey cocktail, like an Old Fashioned or Stone Wall. Or, go HALFSIES blended in a 1:1 ratio with your favorite full-strength cinnamon whiskey for a low-alcohol (and fewer calories!) option. And even though it's smashing when stirred into an alcohol-free cocktail, this spicy lil' number can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle. 

Size: 700ml
Calories: 30 per 2 fl. oz.