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French bloom - Le rose - Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

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french bloom - Le rose

With a well-balanced complexity, the Rosé oscillates between minerality and freshness to reveal at its heart a true floral bouquet with vibrant notes. A majestic burst of rose petals meets the acidity of freshly picked red fruit, combined with notes of dry white peach. French Bloom's signature French Chardonnay wine accents with a touch of Pinot-Noir are enhanced by these bright, sparkling aromas.

Tasting notes: Rose petals, red fruits, white peach. 

Ingredients: De-alcoholized organic wine, organic grape juice, French sparkling Gensac spring water, organic lemon juice, organic natural flavors.

World’s Best AF Sparkling Winner

french bloom - Le rose. french bloom - Le rose. french bloom - Le rose. french bloom - Le rose