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Everleaf - Mountain Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

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Everleaf - Mountain:

An aromatic blend of sustainably sourced botanical distillates and extracts carefully chosen to capture mountain flavors. Climb through the floral clouds of savory cherry blossom & sweet mountain strawberry, until you reach bittersweet rosehip at the peak.

Aroma: A big hit of cherry blossom with hints of black cherry, strawberry and aromatic Everlasting.
Taste: Sweet floral cherry aromatics give way to more bold, tart rosehip and savory myrtle.
Finish: Ending with a moreish bitterness that plays on and on with the sweet aromatics on your tongue.
Everleaf - Mountain. Everleaf - Mountain. Everleaf - Mountain. Everleaf - Mountain. Everleaf - Mountain