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Non Alcoholic Starter Kit

- $21.00
  • $99.00
  • $120.00
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This 'Perfect for the Summer' starter kit focuses on functional non alcoholic beverages that we LOVE! Enjoy a variety of tastes and adaptogenic ingredients while saving those precise funds!

We love these blends of adaptogens, nootropics and botanicals that ease stress while helping us find the feeling we want! We hope you enjoy this sampling into the wonderful world of functional NA beverages as much as we did - explore more and enhance your sober curious journey!

For only $99! (Save 20%!)

Kit contents: Bonbuz Slowburn, SolBrü relax & Restore, Hiyo Peach Mango Social Tonic, Kowa Mood Boost, Immorel Wake the Eff Up, Fever-Tree Club Soda, Fever-Tree Tonic Water, Parch Agave Cocktail Spiced Piñarita, and De Soi Tres Rose infused with botanicals and adaptogens meant to open you up to the moment.