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Spiritless Non-Alcoholic Cocktail - Old Fashioned 4 pack

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Pour-Over Old Fashioned Cans
Say hello to this perfect pour-over version of a classic Old Fashioned. Spiritless's award-winning non-alcoholic bourbon Kentucky 74 is the base for this recipe, add a dash of all-natural cane sugar, then throw in some Chai for spice and orange zest for zing. The result is a zero-proof, ready-to-drink masterpiece for even the most sophisticated whiskey connoisseur. Simply pop the top, pour over ice and enjoy!

Flavor Profile
Kentucky 74, cane sugar, Chai, orange

Perfect Pairings
If you’re feeling frisky, you can also go HALFSIES™ by adding a 1 ounce shot of your favorite full-proof bourbon to the mix.

  • Size: 250mL (8.45 fl oz) per can
  • Calories: 45 per 250ml can
  • Contains less than 0.5% ABV