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Hiyo - Peach Mango Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Social Tonic

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Hiyo - Peach Mango seltzer is a bright blend that encourages you to enjoy the moment. Sweet peach twists with smooth mango to create a tropical tango so delightful, you can almost feel the trade winds blow. Crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals, Hiyo provides a stress-relieving, mood-boosting lift Hiyo likes to call "the float."

carbonated filtered water, organic flavors, organic erythritol, organic cane sugar, organic peach juice concentrate, organic mango juice concentrate, organic orange juice, organic green tea extract (l-theanine)*, organic ksm-66 ashwagandha extract, organic cordyceps mushroom extract, citric acid, organic ginger extract, organic turmeric extract, organic gum acacia, organic fruit and vegetable juice (color), organic lion's mane mushroom extract


Hiyo - Peach Mango. Hiyo - Peach Mango. Hiyo - Peach Mango. Hiyo - Peach Mango.Hiyo - Peach Mango